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Dogs Available This Week at the Lewisburg TN Animal Shelter

The 7th Annual Bark in the Park will take place on June 16 at Rock Creek Park from 12p-8p.  We have vendors to shop, awesome Food Trucks to appease any appetite, bounce houses for the kids, live music, pet contests, dogs and cats for adoption from rescues and the animal shelter, raffles, and giveaways.  All proceeds benefit the Lewisburg Animal Shelter Volunteers (a 501c3 non-profit) that helps the dogs at the animal shelter.
For more information go to www.lewisburganimalshelter.com/events or our Facebook page @barkintheparktn
Rescue groups are invited to set up for free! Contact us at the above email for more information. 

Newer dogs are listed at the end of the listing. Rescue pull fees for non vetted dogs are $10. Rescue pull fee for vetted dogs is $70. Dogs are vetted on Wed when they are off their stray hold. The city must be reimbursed for vetting costs to the vet. Sponsorships may be available on some dogs. Send all inquiries to susan.ragsdale@lewisburgtn.gov. Be sure to check back through the longer term dog descriptions because they are changed and updated on a regular basis. 


We are located an hour south of Nashville down I65. 






Gaelic #78 – My name is Gaelic, and I’ve lived in the same place for almost a year now, paying my rent in kisses and one on one time with my caregivers. I enjoy playing fetch, and will do that all day long if you wish. I weigh 47 pounds, and am heartworm negative and microchipped. I LOVE long walks and strolls on the greenway, and would be great in a home with kids and cats. I’m a little too possessive of my toys, so I would be best supervised at all times with other dogs. What’s mine is mine, and I like it to stay that way. My ancestry consists of 50% American Staffordshire Terrier, and the rest is Plott/English Springer Spaniel decent. I’m bouncing off the wall for you to adopt me!


Rocket #245 – My name is Rocket, and they call me ‘Rocketman’ around here. I’m that fast! What I mostly go for is food. Yep. I’m an American Bulldog hog. I LOVE it. I seek it out. It’s my everything. But I want you to be my everything too and take me home with you! I need hugs and blankets, and stuffed animals! And treats! I’ll do anything for a treat. I’m a hunk of burning love for my treats! If I sound like a dog you could share your home, and food with, then look no further. I’ll even go on a jogging regime with you if you want! I am heartworm negative, microchipped, and weigh a trim 55 pounds. I’m ready for life on a couch! My ancestry is American Bulldog with a few other breeds probably thrown in there. Come adopt me and see what a true couch potato looks like!


GloWorm #404 – Hello there my pretties! My name is GloWorm and I’m the senior gal around here. I would LOVE to be out of the shelter. Why? Because I’m getting on up there in my years, and the shelter just isn’t the place to be when you are getting older. I’m only 6 ½, which is young to me, but seems that folks just don’t see me that way, and think I’m OLD. Believe me there is PLENTY left in this old American Bulldog gal. I love couches, and when they let me go up front that is the FIRST place I go to. It’s so comfy to these bones of mine. I seem to have no medical issues, so I laugh at the term senior gal! I’m heartworm negative and microchipped, and have a lot of love to give. If you give me the chance, I will take on your family as my own, and provide the service of running off strangers you don’t want poking around. Once I get to know you I love you, but others will just have to go through an inspection because believe me, they do NOT want to get on my bad side, which really isn’t bad, I just want them to think it is! A lady doesn’t tell her weight, but they say it may help with my image, so I’m a slim trim 60 pounds! I love my treats, and will take them to bed with me while I wait for someone to come see me the rest of the day. Will you help me find that home that I so desperately am looking for?!?


Pettigrew #21 – My name is Pettigrew, and I’m a super dooper trooper of a Pitbull dog! I love being with people, because they give me treats, and I am ALL about food. I know I’m not supposed to be here, and go to the door to be let out when out of my kennel. I get along with my neighbors next door to me, but need to be on my own with food around. I weigh 56 pounds and could put on a few more pounds and still be okay with that. I’m heartworm positive but have been started on treatment, am microchipped, and would love to be the new gal pal of your household.


Winky #27 – Um…hello. My name is Winky. I’m very shy. But I’m told that I am a good American Bulldog girl. A special girl. And that the right someone is just waiting for me out there. I follow my caregivers around, because I have learned that they are kind, and good. I have learned that they will feed me where others did not. And they have these magical wonderful things in their pockets they call treats. They are wonderful! I came in underweight at 33 pounds but I’m doing much better so I was just taken to the vet today. I’m now fully vetted and ready to go to a new home. Oh they said I’m heartworm positive but the good folks here have put me on a treatment so I’ll be good as gold in about 6 months. I would love for you to take care of me in your house til I’m better then I will be your BFF . If you are a special kind of forever home, I would sure love to meet you, and be your forever dog too.

Braveheart #65 – Braveheart is a male brindle pit bull mix found as a stray on Buena Vista Street. He is easy going and just a bit shy, but warms up quickly. He weighs 46 pounds and has been neutered prior to entering the shelter. He is on owner stray hold until 3-13 and then will be vetted the rest of the way on 3-21 and then available for adoption. His adoption fee is $25 since he is already neutered. 


Gandhi #70 –  Gandhi is a male we think Bull Terrier mix found as a stray here in town. He had so much hairloss from demodex confirmed by the vet that we really aren’t sure what breed or color he is but we are guessing a grey Bull Terrier mix. He is finished with his 30 days of ivomec for demodex treatment and would just need weekly medicated baths at his new home. He has now been neutered, is fully vetted, and is microchipped and HW negative. 

Margarita #101 – Margarita is a female lab mix found as a stray on Verona Caney Road. She is a little underweight at 44 pounds. She is super sweet but timid and gets along with the other female brought in with her we named Cosmopolitan. She has now been fully vetted but is heartworm positive and is on a slow kill treatment method used here at the shelter. Her meds will go with her when adopted or rescued. She is 2 ½ years old.

Capt Morgan #104 – Capt Morgan appears to be a male bassett/bulldog mix found as a stray on Darnell Mealer Road. He is tan and white in color and a little underweight. He went after the shelter cat on intake so definitely no cats in his future home. He has now been fully vetted, is heartworm negative and microchipped. He could stand to put on some more and we have him on a twice daily feeding schedule so it is helping. He weighs 30 pounds. He needs to be an only dog as he has tried to be very bossy with other dogs here.



Susan Ragsdale
Shelter Manager, Lewisburg Animal Shelter
300 Woodside
Lewisburg TN 37091

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