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Don’t let the cool weather fool you: Sunscreen still a must

Don’t let the cooler weather fool you. Vanderbilt hospital workers have treated about 185 people at this year’s CMA Fest so far.

While the most common problem turns out to be bad blisters on feet, next up is sunburns.

Natalie Ollson is in Nashville from Canada for the country music festival. She says the weather has been great, but when she got back to her hotel Thursday night, she realized she had a problem.

“Realized, ‘Oh my, I was really burned,’” she told News 2.

She says most of the day she was in shade, so she thought she was protected, but now Ollson is badly sunburned.

Vanderbilt University Medical Center doctors told News 2 they have been treating a lot of people for sunburns over the last two days at the CMA Fest in their medical tents.

“Yesterday was a little cooler than what we are used to, so I think a lot of people forgot to put on sunscreen, just because it didn’t feel like you were going to get sunburned, and unfortunately a lot of people are realizing that today,” said Dr. Ashley Brown.

Graphic: WKRN

If you forgot to put on sunscreen, you can stop by one of the medical tents on Lower Broad and get some.

Doctors told News 2 you can get sunburned quickly and it can very serious.

“Worst case scenario, it is very similar to a thermal burn if you were to be burned by a fire, so you could get a blistering or even third degree burn if you are out there for very long,” said Dr. Brown.

Doctors say use a sun screen between 30 to 50 SPF to avoid a sun burn at the CMA Fest, and don’t forget to reapply it every couple of hours

Courtesy of WKRN’s News 2

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