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Middle Tennessee temps above average since January 2016

Did you know that each month since January of 2016, Middle Tennessee temperatures have been above average?

It certainly felt cooler this June, but we still came out above average for the entire month. But why?

We keep a record of daily highs on the temperature tracker. The blue color represents days when the temperature was below average, the red is when the temperature surpassed the average high, and white indicates days when temperatures met the average high but did not exceed the average.

Looking at the temperature tracker for the month of June, you can spot two separate periods where temperatures were below average.

Each below average trend can be attributed to a trough that pushed its way toward the east through Middle Tennessee. Following each trough is a ridge bringing with it warmer weather.

What exactly is a trough and ridge? A trough is associated with low pressure system this can bring cooler temperatures, clouds, and rain. If you think back, you might have experienced some stormy weather in your area during these periods.

Following each trough there is a ridge, which are associated with high pressure systems and warmer weather.

Even though it feels like this month has been unseasonably cool, we have experienced more above average temperatures than below average. So the string of above average temperatures continues.

Courtesy of WKRN’s News 2

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