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Tractor Pull Cancellation

The Chapel Hill Lions Club would like to take this opportunity to apologize to our fans and supporters of the “LIONS SUPERPULL of the SOUTH TRUCK and TRACTOR PULL” for the cancellation of Saturday night’s event.

As you know, Friday night was a great night of ”Pullin” in Chapel Hill and those of you in attendance were treated to a great show.

Saturday night was set to be one of the best shows that we have been able to provide to you in the 43 year history of our “Pull”. Unfortunately, at 6:00 p.m. the skies opened up and the rain and lightning came.

The local storm that we had was not predicted and was unexpected. In an effort to provide the best event possible, we have all different phases and parts of our event set with back-up equipment and plans. We have Tennessee Emergency Management onsite and are monitoring radar and National Weather Service information for our location instantly. The storm that we experienced Saturday developed suddenly and there was no prior indications that this would happen. Also, after the storm developed, it never moved and continued to rain and lightning until around midnight.

The 4 ½” of rain in just a little over one hour and continuous lightening made it impossible and unsafe for us to attempt to have Saturday night’s event.

Our event is part of the National Tractor Puller Grand National circuit. Our dates in this circuit are the third weekend in July each year and this is the only time we can have the event. Because of the circuit schedule, there are no rain dates or make-up dates available. In fact, the pullers have to leave each year on Saturday night or early Sunday morning to arrive at the next event scheduled on the pulling circuit.

For the past 43 years, the Chapel Hill Lions Club has strived to provide to our fans a great entertainment venue for truck and tractor pulling. In the 43 years history of our event, this Saturday night was only the third time that one night the event had to be cancelled due to weather.

Our policy, like almost all outdoor sporting events, is that there are no refunds due to the event being cancelled due to weather and, because of the pulling circuit; we cannot have a make-up date. This is the policy that we have had in place for all 43 years of our event and is printed on all tickets and posted in big lettering at all tickets booths at the event site.

We hope that, even though we were not able to provide to you Saturday nights event due to weather conditions which were completely beyond our control, that you might consider your ticket purchase a contribution or donation to the many projects and organizations which we support each year, the same place your money would have gone to had we been able to host Saturday night’s pull. No one in the Lions Club receives a penny from this event and all money collected each year is used for support of such thing as the Middle Tennessee Eye Bank Services, Monroe J. Carroll, Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt as well as the many local youth and Senior Citizen projects we support yearly. These are the same places the money will help support again this year.

Again, we apologize for not being able to hold Saturday night’s event but please know the cancellation was in the best interest of fans, pullers and workers alike. We were simple not allowed to host the event.

We hope you will join us again next year for the 44th Annual “LIONS SUPERPULL OF THE SOUTH TRUCK and TRACTOR PULL” which will be held next July. We thank you for your understanding of our situation and please know that we also were very disappointed that we were unable to provide to you some of the best truck and tractor pulling on Saturday night. Thank you!

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