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Posted by Hubert aka Everyones favorite RedNek on Thursday, August 10, 2017
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Big Rednek Adventure Continues

These guys are makin some serious ground!

This summer Hubert and his crew will be undertaking a 5,000 mile journey along the Trans-American Trail in Polaris RZRs. Hubert and a four person crew with a co-personality to be announced will make the journey from the coast of South Carolina to the coast of Oregon this summer. No one has ever made all the way from coast to coast in a UTV so follow along as we make history.

We will have celebrities like Travis Pastrana, Jolene Van Vugt, Streetbike Tommy and other guests meeting us along the way for some exciting adventures!

Roughly traveling 200 miles per day, and we’ll be hitting some places of interest on the way. Follow along here and get a great look at our great country from behind the wheel of a Polaris UTV! Hubert and the crew will be posting updates daily to Instagram and Facebook, as well as adding lots of content to the Youtube channel.

Stay up to date and track the process @

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