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Dogs Available @ the Lewisburg Animal Shelter


Gaelic #78 – Gaelic is a male American Bulldog/Plott/English springer spaniel mix (we had him DNA tested) found as a stray at Westhills School. He was hanging around the school either waiting on someone there or he had been wandering through the area as a stray. He is good natured and a happy go lucky boy now. He was wearing a blue thick and he weighs 47 pounds and is around a year old. He is fully vetted and heartworm negative and microchipped. He needs to be the ONLY dog in your home as he is very possessive of his toys and food.  His adoption fee is $75. He excelled at Scent Training at Middle Tennessee Dog Services in Chapel Hill.

Rocket #245 – Rocket is a male pitbull mix found as a stray on Davis Street. He is brown in color and was wearing a collar with a lock on it. He is very much improved now on weight up to 53 pounds and has really come around so he is available to adopt or rescue. He has been fully vetted and is heartworm negative and microchipped.

Jupiter #257 – Jupiter was picked up on Nashville Hwy on 8-17-17. He is coming around but still growls when we try pet him. We will let him settle down and work on his confidence. He’s the grumpy old man, but he’s also happy go lucky! He is available for rescue only or an approved home with a single individual. A fenced in yard is a must and a doggie door would be perfect. He is fully vetted, heartworm negative, and microchipped. The vet said he is 8 years old, and he occasionally has a slight cough which has been attributed to his age and his heart. He still has a lot of life in this spunky little guy!

Mormont #283 – Mormont is our senior guy at the moment, and like his Game of Thrones name sake, he is is quickly becoming the commander of our hearts! He will be safely cared for by the vols and staff at our shelter until adoption or rescue. This old guy is estimated to be 7-8 years old by the vet, and he is heartworm positive and had a tumor which was removed when he was neutered. He is on antibiotics for the next 30 days and has been started on a slow kill heartworm method. He tested positive for erlichia also which the antibiotics are treating too.  He is finished with his meds and is doing great. He weighs 50 pounds and is microchipped also. He does have issues with his leg and has been on antibiotics for it. He just needs a home where he can live out the rest of his life in peace and quiet.

Tormund #293 – Like his Game of Thrones namesake, our Tormund is a red headed guy with a plan and a heart of gold. He was even found on Gold Road!! He knows that he wants a family to call his own, and we’ve joined his mission to help him find it! He was found as a stray on Gold Road and quickly took up with the folks who found him, they just could not keep him. He is a jumper and an escape artist but we’ve found out he just wants to be with folks all the time and he is content. He is an American Bulldog mix and he weighs 42 pounds and is available now for adoption. He is already neutered so his adoption fee will be $25 to cover his vaccinations. 

Angel #317 – Angel is a female American Bulldog mix found tied out overnight at the All About Animals Vet Clinic in Chapel Hill. She is very smart and wants to please. She is a big love bug at 65 pounds. She is highly food motivated. Good natured all around despite the many scars on her body of unknown origin and a skin condition we are getting checked out today when vetted. She is on owner stray hold until 10-12 and her adoption fee will be $75 to cover her vetting. She is heartworm negative but does have demodex which we are treating with advantage multi monthly. She needs weekly baths and we give here at the shelter when we can. On a more supervised schedule she will get better and recover from her skin issues.

Pilgrim #355 – Pilgrim is a male pointer/American Bulldog mix found running with his buddy Oak as strays on Mooresville Hwy. Oak has since been pulled by rescue but Pilgrim is still with us. He has very high food anxiety but as long as no food was present he got along fine with Oak. So definitely need to feed separately if you have other dogs. He weighs 66 pounds and is heartworm negative, microchipped, and neutered. His adoption fee is $75 and he is available now.

Cranberry – Cranberry is a male American Bulldog mix found as a stray on Wilburn Phillips Road on 11-15. He’s a big boy at 69 pounds and a real sweetie with people. He will stand up to dogs that go at him, but he is a real sweetheart. Best in an only dog or submissive younger dog home. He is heartworm negative, microchipped, and neutered. His adoption fee is $75.

Gypsy #390 – Gypsy is a female American Bulldog red and white in color who was left at the shelter at night after hours. She was microchipped to Huntsville AL and when the owner was contacted they said they gave the dog to a new owner but would not give us the information. She then contacted the new owner and they were the ones that dropped the dog off at the shelter anonymously. The AWO has deemed she is now available for adoption since we know the owner does not wish the dog back. She is super sweet and loving and full of energy. She will make someone a wonderful companion dog. Loves to run and play. Good with the other dogs here at the shelter but a little too anxious to be around the cats. She is fully vetted microchipped so no adoption fee is required. Needs to be separated at feeding as she has very high food anxiety.

Voltron #399 – Voltron is a male Pit Bull dog found as a stray on Snake Creek Road. He appears to be around 4 years old and is grey and white in color. He weighs 57 pounds. Super sweet and outgoing. He is heartworm negative and is microchipped and neutered. His adoption fee is $75.

GloWorm #404 – GloWorm is a female Boxer possibly American bulldog mix found as a stray on Franklin Pike. She is brindle and white in color and weighs 60 pounds. She appears to have had puppies in the past. None were found with her. She is about 6 ½ years old and once she gets to know you she is a sweet and loving dog. She will growl and snap at strangers so we are slowly socializing her so that we can find out more about her traits. She seems to be more protective of her space than anything and now sees the shelter and her caregivers as her territory to protect. She is heartworm negative and microchipped and spayed. Her adoption fee is $75.

Neville #6 – Neville is a male brindle and white Mountain Cur maybe mixed with Greyhound found as a stray north of Chapel Hill. He is a little timid but comes around with kind words..and food! He weighs 40 pounds and was wearing a collar so he is on owner stray hold until 1-12.  He has a rescue commit as soon as he is available.


Weasley #8 – Weasley is a male pup found as a stray on Glenn Avenue on 1-9. He appears to be a shepherd mix and is tan and white in color. Around 3-4 months old wearing a collar. He is on owner stray hold until 1-16. He weighs 14 pounds.



Fleur #9 – Fleur is a very senior female terrier/schnauzer mix found as a stray on Belfast Street and Springplace. She was brought into the shelter by the lady who found her on 1-10 and she appears to be blind and deaf. She is in fair condition and we are holding her for her stray hold time until rescue can take her on. She is microchipped but that chip is not registered to any owner, and we have a call into the company in MO that inserted the chip and are waiting to hear back from them. Her hold time will be up on 1-18.


For more information check out “Rescues Info” or visit lewisburganimalshelter.com

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