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Delaware #204 – Delaware was picked up on Kenny Nelson Rd on 7/21/16. He is neutered American Bulldog mix. He was very underweight when he came in, but has since gained and currently weighs a healthy 46 pounds. He is going on 5 years old. He is sweet and loves attention and petting. He is doing well and is a real love bug, giving hugs when he comes out of his kennel to greet you. He needs to be the only dog in a home with no other dogs involved. He absolutely loves people and wants to be your one and only companion. This sweetheart needs a home of his own!  He was adopted out the end of February, but the new owner failed to keep him up, placed him in a crate with another dog where he immediately fought, and then dumped him in a nearby shelter. He is back to his old loving self now and we absolutely adore him.  He will ONLY be adopted to an approved, references, and home check visit home.

Hawkeye #244 – Hawkeye is a male lab mix found as a stray on Nashville Highway in Chapel Hill. He is very friendly and outgoing and has gotten much better since his neuter. He will still go at a male dog but he loves to play and romp with the non alpha females. High energy and a barker! He needs room to run and a family to help him spend alot of that energy! Very smart and highly food and treat motivated, this guy has alot of potential. He weighs 57 pounds, is around 1 ½ years old, and is heartworm negative and microchipped. His adoption fee is $5 since he has a sponsor and will need to go to an approved home.

Gaelic #78 – Gaelic is a male American Bulldog/Plott/English springer spaniel mix (we had him DNA tested) found as a stray at Westhills School. He was hanging around the school either waiting on someone there or he had been wandering through the area as a stray. He is good natured and a happy go lucky boy now. He was wearing a blue thick and he weighs 47 pounds and is around a year old. He is fully vetted and heartworm negative and microchipped. He needs to be the ONLY dog in your home as he is very possessive of his toys and food.  His adoption fee is $75. He is currently going through Scent Training at Middle Tennessee Dog Services in Chapel Hill.

Rocket #245 – Rocket is a male pitbull mix found as a stray on Davis Street. He is brown in color and was wearing a collar with a lock on it. He is very much improved now on weight up to 53 pounds and has really come around so he is available to adopt or rescue. He has been fully vetted and is heartworm negative and microchipped.

Jupiter #257 – Jupiter was picked up on Nashville Hwy on 8-17-17. He is coming around but still growls when we try pet him. We will let him settle down and work on his confidence. He’s the grumpy old man, but he’s also happy go lucky! He is available for rescue only. He is fully vetted, heartworm negative, and microchipped. The vet said he is 8 years old, and he occasionally has a slight cough. We know it isn’t related to heartworms or kennel cough, so it’s possibly due to his age.

Mormont #283 – Mormont is our senior guy at the moment, and like his Game of Thrones name sake, he is is quickly becoming the commander of our hearts! He will be safely cared for by the vols and staff at our shelter until adoption or rescue. This old guy is estimated to be 7-8 years old by the vet, and he is heartworm positive and had a tumor which was removed when he was neutered. He is on antibiotics for the next 30 days and has been started on a slow kill heartworm method. He tested positive for erlichia also which the antibiotics are treating too.  He is finished with his meds and is doing great. He weighs 50 pounds and is microchipped also.

Drogon #285 – Like his Game of Thrones namesake, Drogon is gorgeous like the breathing dragon he is named for. He has finally calmed down and there is a loyal and calmer soul inside. Reminds us of our long time boy Gator that was here. He is a gorgeous specimen of an American Staffie. He was found as a stray on Nick Poarch Road. Now that he is doing great with us he is available for rescue but not adoption yet as he is still iffy with strangers. He is a short stocky 52 pounds and has been fully vetted. He is heartworm negative and microchipped.

Targaryen #286 – Targaryen is a male Lab/American Bulldog mix brought in originally as a neglect case weighing only 32 pounds. He now after twice daily feedings as well as deworming weighs a healthy 58 pounds and has been released by his previous owner to the shelters care. He is great with people and super smart but he is not okay with cats. He actually seeks out the shelter cats so cats are a definite no no. He knows sit and possibly some other commands plus he runs to his kennel on command and sits patiently waiting for his dinner or treat. He seems to want to play with the other dogs and after his vetting on 11-1 we will start slowly introducing him to other dogs. His adoption fee is $75.

Tormund #293 – Like his Game of Thrones namesake, our Tormund is a red headed guy with a plan and a heart of gold. He was even found on Gold Road!! He knows that he wants a family to call his own, and we’ve joined his mission to help him find it! He was found as a stray on Gold Road and quickly took up with the folks who found him, they just could not keep him. He has a slight limp on his front left leg that we will get evaluated in the next couple of days. He is an American Bulldog mix and he weighs 42 pounds and is available on the 22nd for adoption. He is already neutered so his adoption fee will be $25 to cover his vaccinations. 

Angel #317 – Angel is a female American Bulldog mix found tied out overnight at the All About Animals Vet Clinic in Chapel Hill. She is very smart and wants to please. She is a big love bug at 65 pounds. She is highly food motivated. Good natured all around despite the many scars on her body of unknown origin and a skin condition we are getting checked out today when vetted. She is on owner stray hold until 10-12 and if not reclaimed by her owners his adoption fee will be $75 to cover her vetting. She is heartworm negative but does have demodex which we are treating with advantage multi and weekly baths.

Pilgrim #355 – Pilgrim is a male pointer/American Bulldog mix found running with his buddy Oak as strays on Mooresville Hwy. Oak has since been pulled by rescue but Pilgrim is still with us. He has very high food anxiety but as long as no food was present he got along fine with Oak. So definitely need to feed separately if you have other dogs. He weighs 66 pounds and is heartworm negative, microchipped, and neutered. His adoption fee is $75 and he is available now.

Cranberry – Cranberry is a male American Bulldog mix found as a stray on Wilburn Phillips Road on 11-15. He’s a big boy at 69 pounds and a real sweetie with people. He is going at the other dogs through the kennel wiring tho. We will continue to evaluate him further. He will be available for rescue or adoption on 11-23 and has a vet appt on 11-29 for his neuter.


For more information check out “Rescues Info” or visit lewisburganimalshelter.com

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