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Garth Brooks in Concert on the Big Screen

June 27- Garth Brooks in Concert on the Big Screen 6 p.m. (Gates Open) at HiWay 50 Drive In – 1584 Fayetteville Hwy., Lewisburg, TN 37091

As a ton of you guys have been wondering, we will be playing the Garth Brooks Concert on our screen!
We were torn a little since the price is $100/car (up to 6 people) and we know that’s a tough with many people out of work or business is slow for local businesses.
After some consideration we noticed 3 things:
1. The last concert we went to we actually had great seats yet we still watched the “jumbotron” more than half of the performance, I know the top seats watched it 100% of the time.
2. ALL music concerts are currently postponing or canceling completely.
3. It’s actually not expensive when you have multiple people in the car to experience a custom concert. (As low as $16.67 for 6 people.)
So we are really excited to say we’ll be showing the Garth Concert on Saturday June 27th. Tickets go on sale this Friday the 19th at 11:00AM CDT.
The link to purchase is here: https://www.universe.com/events/encore-live-presents-garth-brooks-lewisburg-tn-tickets-7CHD43?ref=ticketmaster

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